Mr. Madison


Photo from Aaron Kinghorn

All the boys posing for Mr. Madison

Brooke Parkinson, Bobcat Beat Staff

Mr. Madison has been done every year at the high school. This year, we had twenty-one seniors that competed for the title Mr. Madison. They practiced various times a week for the past month, putting time in their routines and getting ready for their performance. Student council helped with Mr. Madison’s rehearsals and their production, along with staff and parents. Each contestant performed their own routine along with a group routine.

Many routines included comedy, singing, and many other talents performed by each boy who competed. It was a great performance that highlighted each contestants personalities

Senior Taylor Scwendiman took the title Mr. Madison and was in disbelief. Scwendiman wrote and produced his own song that ultimately stole the show.

“I was honestly really, really surprised. I thought they said someone else’s name or something, so I was looking around like oh wait, is that my name? The feeling when you just finish performing and you hear the crowd cheering, just knowing that you did it, is a rewarding feeling,” Schwediman said.

Mr. Madison has formed friendship and leadership skills. It’s been a bittersweet experience for these boys who are ending highschool.