Superbowl Sunday


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Ricks talking a selfie talking about how he wants the Bucs to win the Super Bowl on Sunday

Addison Brizzee, Bobcatbeat Staff

This Sunday, February 7th, is Superbowl Sunday. It’s the Chiefs against the Buccaneers. The game is scheduled to kick off at 6:30 pm and it is live on CBS and MHS students and teachers share their opinions and also some of their favorite Superbowl traditions. 

“I like the Chiefs because Mahomes is really good and Tom Brady is more experienced. But Tom Brady has won too many times and it bugs me. I mean the guy is really talented and I respect him for that, but I’m going for the Chiefs. I would definitely watch the game over the commercials and halftime performance. We watch it with a bunch of family, friends, and neighbors that we like. We just get a bunch of food and chill,” Junior Noah Goodnough said. 

Not just students have an opinion on the game but some of the teachers at MHS have opinions too.

“I’m going for the Chiefs because Mr. Dixon loves the Chiefs and I don’t like Tom Brady because he’s too perfect. I usually have a whole bunch of family over and order a bunch of food or cook a bunch of food depending on what time the game is. I like the commercials and the half time performance. I kinda just watch all of it,” Coach Rhoads said.

Not everybody is going with the Chiefs this year, some are going with the Bucs.

“Normally I go with the Chiefs, but I definitely got to go with the Bucs this year with Tom Brady. He’s definitely the go. We usually get all the cousins and family over and eat a bunch of food like chips and dip. I would definitely prefer watching the game over the commercials and the halftime performance,” Junior Cameron Ricks said.

Not only is the game a big draw, but the commercials and halftime performances are always fun to watch.

“I am going for the Bucs because they are a good team and they can win. I like watching the commercials and the halftime performances, but I would rather watch the actual game rather than the commercials,” Sophomore Brigham Ballard said.

Coach Rhoads (Courtesy Photo)