Playing on the Court


Pictures taken by (Sutton Media Company)

The boys basketball team planning out there next play

Cambry Holloway , Bobcatbeat Staff

Basketball has always been a huge deal at MHS. This year the sport is completely different from previous years. The girls and boys teams had to make many changes this year and had to get used to playing in a different environment. 

“I’m honestly just glad that we get to play. I miss our fans and I love having a crowd but I would rather play in front of nobody than not play at all,” Senior Tyson Lerwill said. 

The players are all happy to have a season but are bummed by some of the changes that happened this year. There are a couple good outcomes that came through this year. 

“Our team has really bonded because with no fans, we have to cheer each other on more and it brings us closer as a team and makes us play better,” Junior Bryn Weekes said. 

“It has given me and my team an ability to work together and play for us and to put aside any worries of what others may think or what our peers think. It’s given us an ability to just play basketball,” Senior Mckell Parkinson said.

“We came closer as a team and learned how to bring lots of energy as a team. Even being loud since we don’t have fans,” Junior Riley Sutton said.

“Not being able to have friends come and watch the games has been sad because our parents are only allowed to come,” Junior Whitney Wasden said.

The players are all super happy that they could get the season instead of it getting canceled. Seniors are also happy that they get to play ball their senior year. They are just bummed about certain things that have been changed. 

“Not very many people know that high school seniors aren’t getting recruited by colleges as much as they do in normal years. All college basketball players have been given another year of eligibility, which means that college coaches don’t need to recruit high school seniors because they don’t need any more players for next year. It’s really unfortunate for me and the other guys on the team this year that want to play at the next level,” Senior Taden King said.

King is really thankful they are able to play and that he can get out on the court his senior year. King is bummed out about all of the changes that happened from corona. During this season, they’ve had very limited people being able to come to games. They don’t get a student section and many players wish that was different. A lot of them think it’s weird because it’s way quieter but it’s easier to focus. 

“It still feels weird how quiet it can be sometimes. It is never completely quiet because there are some fans, freshman, and JV teams there making noise but nothing compared to previous years,” Senior Eli Randall said.

“With having no student sections, it’s definitely weird because the gym is super quiet and it’s a lot harder to get hyped up,” Junior Logan Crane said.

It’s a very different year but the players are at least able to be out on the court playing and supporting each other through this challenging season.

Girls playing out on the court (Pictures taken by (Kim’s camera))