Premature Entrepreneurs

Mateo Baeza, Bobcat Beat Staff

Students at MHS obviously don’t get paid enough money. The minimum wage in Rexburg is $7.25. Many teenagers are resorting to side businesses to supplement their income.


“I started a fertilizing business with Ryan Winfree. He did mowing a few years ago so I didn’t do any of that with him,” Senior Kai Dewey said.


Good business ideas always come from demand. Everybody who has a lawn needs it fertilized, so a business centered around that need is going to attract some customers.


“Right now I fertilize 25 lawns and I charge $30 a piece for each of them,” Dewey said.


Dewey has it all worked out, with a profit coming from every lawn.


“I buy the fertilizer for like $10 or $15, so it gets me a good amount of money for half an hour of work,” Dewey said.


Although lawn fertilization is seasonal, Dewey ends up servicing lawns throughout a wide window of time.


“I do it four times a year and six weeks apart each,” Dewey said.


Another popular side business to get into is photography. Some students have been making money off of it for years.


“Someone asks if I will take their pictures and they ask for prices,” Senior Adanya Petersen said.


Some photographers just have a camera and don’t know what they’re doing, but Petersen knows how to make people look good.


“Sometimes I’ll go out and scout locations and look for good spots that would match with them,” Petersen said.


She explains how she works with the customer to pick the best location.


“Some people just look better with more trees, some people look better with buildings,” Petersen said.


Petersen knows how to take professional pictures and be able to sell the service.


“You can do a mini photo shoot which is about half an hour and you get 20-30 pictures, it’s like $60,” Petersen said.


Beyond a basic photoshoot, Petersen has multiple selections that customers can pick from.


“Or you could do a normal photo shoot which is $100 and you get 50-60 photos. It’s like an hour and a half. Then I have one above that, it’s like $120. You can do multiple outfits and multiple locations and all that kind of stuff,” Petersen said.


Although prices are stated, Petersen explains there is a fluctuation in prices.


“My prices are always changing because things are changing,” Petersen said.


With all the prices and choices, it can be hard to settle on which photo service is the best.


“It just depends on what you’re looking for,” Petersen said.


If you are in need of pictures for any occasion, you know who to contact.


“You can contact me on Instagram @adanya_photo_ or you can text me/email, and I’ll put my website in my bio,” Petersen said.