Costa Vida vs. Cafe Rio


Photo by Matthew Jeppesen

Palmer at Cafe Rio

Most of the high schoolers here at school think that Costa Vida and Cafe Rio are technically the same thing. With all the same food, smell, and how high the cost is at each, both also bring back memories after each visit. 


Here’s what Junior Malia Graybell and Junior Aj Dawson, had to say of their experiences being at Costa Vida and Cafe Rio.


“I was holding my tray, but I tripped over my shoe string. I tripped over everything making me drop all my food and I was so hungry,” Graybell said.


Malia did not have a great experience being at Costa Vida that one time by tripping over her own shoe strings, but that doesn’t stop her from going. She still loves it there because she goes there pretty much all the time, and overall the delicious smell.


“I’m probably gonna say Costa Vida. 

I think they have better sweet pork, and I like doing their sweet pork salads. Also, I just have a lot of good memories there. I’ve spent a lot of time there with my family, and we always have fun,” Dawson said. 

Dawson by far would like to go to Costa Vida everytime. Mainly because of her favorite sweet pork at Costa Vida, and her time being there with her family.


Cafe Rio

Junior Brinton Morley and Junior Kent Palmer share their opinions on Cafe Rio. 

“I remember one time I was in Utah visiting my great aunt who I never met before, and we went [to Cafe Rio] to eat, while we were talking to her. I actually like their burritos better than Costa Vida. I just feel like they taste more wholesome, and more natural ingredients,” Morley said. 

Morley had a great time connecting with his aunt at Cafe Rio. His opinion while eating there is that the burritos at Cafe Rio taste better than the ones at Costa Vida.


 “I would probably have to go with Cafe Rio just because it’s more well known. 

One time for our prom date we went there for dinner, and it was pretty good and we all just sat around on a tiny little table. We ordered from the guy that was running and bustling around, just kind of a cool atmosphere, kinda authentic,” Palmer said. 


Overall let your tongue be your guide in preferring which establishment is for you. Both are great based upon the testimony of fans alike.