Do MHS Students Enjoy the Snow

Carson Proctor with his cousin.

Photo by Jenny Proctor.

Carson Proctor with his cousin.

Emily Palafox, Bobcat Beat Staff

Now that the weather is starting to change in Rexburg, Idaho, students at MHS are getting ready to drive on icy roads, ski/snowboard, sled, and do many other things. Two of these students are Madi Curtis and Carson Proctor. Curtis and Proctor are both Seniors at Madison High School.

Not many people like the snow, but Proctor loves it.

“I love the snow because it means it’s time to go skiing and sledding and to have some hot chocolate.

Proctor also likes the snow because sometimes school gets a snow day.

“The best thing about snow is probably being able to have school off because of it.”

One thing most people hate about the snow is that it’s cold.

“The worst thing is it probably being really cold, I can’t think of any other bad things,” said Proctor.

If the weather was warmer but it still snowed Proctor would enjoy snow even more.

“That would make it way better because then I wouldn’t have to wear as much stuff when I go skiing.”

Curtis hates the cold but loves the winter activities that come along with snowfall.

“I definitely hate the cold, but I love what it allows me to do, such as snowboarding/skiing!”

For Curtis, the worst thing about snow is the icy roads.

“Probably the road conditions! I can’t stop myself from thinking that sliding all over main street when it’s iced over is a personality trait.”

Curtis along with Proctor likes it when school is cancelled because of snow.

“When school gets cancelled it’s so nice to be able to have that day to catch up on things, and sleep in too.”

Snowboarding is a common winter activity and Curtis loves it.

“I love snowboarding! I didn’t get much of a season last year due to Covid closing the resorts down, but I’m super excited for this year!”

Curtis wishes it was warmer weather when it snows.

“It’d be nice not getting frostbite walking to my car in the winter.”

There are many ups to snowfall such as fun winter activities and hot chocolate as well as many downs such as icy roads and cold weather. Be careful this winter and have fun!