Fall Photography


Courtesy Photo Instagram

Hazel McLane , Bobcat Beat Staff

Courtesy Photo Instagram

Autumn is a great time to take pictures. Seniors Adanya Petersen and Allie Price know some of the best places to go to take pictures this fall.

“One of the main places I go is either beaver dick [park] or warm slough or sometimes just the nature park. Warm slough is probably one of the best ones because they have the water, lots of trees, they have some places that are just grass. It’s just really pretty over there,” Petersen said. 

These aren’t the only great places to go.

“There’s this ranch up on the bench in Rexburg where there’s gorgeous trees [and] pretty aspens. I think that’s my favorite place to go because there’s cottonwoods,” Price said. 

Trees are one of the biggest themes in these pictures which means that it is very important to find the best trees. 

“You normally want to look for the brightest color trees. You want to stay away from the trees that have lost at least half their leaves because then the background is kinda stick-y. Just look for really full trees, bright colors, things like that,” Petersen said. 

Of course, there are other things that make up an instagram worthy picture. 

“The best time to do that is definitely from five… sixish to dark,” Price said. 

Lighting is important but as winter approaches, the time of sunset and sunrise are changing. 

“I either go in the mornings or in the evenings and you want to do an hour and an hour and a half before sunset,” Petersen said.

Lighting is a key factor in photography but it isn’t the only thing to consider while taking photos.

 “Green! Nobody wears green! That’s the thing I hate the most when somebody wears green because I guess it maybe depends on the shade but  normally there’s something always green in the background and it doesn’t look very good[…]Or brown, don’t wear brown. Just dont wear earthy colors because sometimes it just looks weird with the background,” Petersen said.

This does not mean that you need to wear bright colors to stand out from the background. 

“Even just gray or black[…] blue works fine, just any color if you want to do slightly fall colors, a lot of girls will wear the cute sweaters that are slightly orange, those all look great, just not earthy colors,” Petersen said.