Halloween Haunted Attractions


Benson Gugelman, Bobcat Beat Staff

Halloween is the time of the year when we pay people to dress up in fake blood, hold fake weapons, and jump out at you unexpectedly. Haunted attractions are widely popular and a fun way to get into the Halloween mood. There’s a reason they’re so popular every year and why people get excited for them. 


“It’s something kind of fresh and new to do in this god forsaken, dumpster fire, fun draining town. Kind of a breath of fresh air from going bowling, to drive in, or driving around for hours on end until coming to the conclusion there is nothing to do and going home,” said Cornelison. 


Living in a smaller town like Rexburg, Idaho can seem boring for some and haunted attractions are a way to spice up the routine. 


“My favorite thing about haunted attractions is that it’s the perfect way to kick off the holiday season with friends. Especially during a time when school is just picking up and winter is starting,” Miller said.


There’s lots of haunted attractions near Rexburg. Some attractions are known for their top tier spookiness made for people who really wanna fear for their lives; while others are a little easier to handle made for having fun with friends. People look for a haunted attraction that is unique. They want to be surprised and they don’t want to go to a haunted attraction that is predictable. 


“My favorite is probably the river just because it’s new and well done. The straw maze and other attractions get boring when they’re so similar or the same year round,” said Cornelison. 


Some haunted attractions have special things incorporated into their design to help them stand out or be extra creepy. For Miller, the slide at the haunted hospital was extra creepy. 


“The slide in the hospital made my heart fall out of my butt,” said Miller.