Volleyball Players


Photo by Maddie Townsend

Picture of Charity Wilson

Ryan Dees, Bobcat Beat Staff

Two players, Sophomore Maddilyn Wilcox and Senior Charity Wilson, on the School’s Volleyball Team have been injured during their games.  The injuries have changed their daily lives in various ways.

“I was playing volleyball and I just ran after a crazy ball and dove and jumped and jumped at the same time and broke my ankle,” Wilson said.
“We were playing a game at Thunder and I jumped for a ball, but it was outside my body cause I was hitting.  I came down and I landed on my left leg, and my knee buckled in.  I later went to the doctor, had an MRI and found out my ACL, MCL, and meniscus was torn,” Wilcox said
Their injuries have affected them in various ways.  For one, the rest of the team has had to step into their posts.
“It’s a pretty big impact considering I was on the court for six rotations, and so we had to pull up players from the JV team, which then affected the JV.  But, they’re doing really well, and they’re adapting really well,” Wilcox said.
They have also been unable to do daily tasks the same as before.
“I haven’t been able to play volleyball, which kinda stinks, and then just not being able to get around cause I can’t put weight on it.  It’s just been kinda hard, not being able to play,” Wilson said.
Both have received support from their team, the fam

p0Picture of Charity Wilson (Photo by Maddie Townsend)

ilies, and students at MHS.
“I have a lot of good coaches and teammates, of course, that always encourage me and support me.  And of course, my family helped me out a lot.  The teachers are all really understanding of being late to class, or anything like that,” Wilson said.
The injuries have also impacted their emotions.
“It’s not been great.  I think for me, volleyball’s always been the biggest part of my life, it’s everything I’ve done.  And so, as soon as it was taken away from me, it was a really big thing.  [For] most injuries severe as this, you get depressed and lonely, but I’m only a couple days in.  Lots of crying, not really depressed yet,” Wilcox said.
It is going to take a while for their injuries to be healed.
“With ACL tears, the fastest you can come back is six months, but that’s normally too fast.  So I’ll have surgery next week, and I’ll do six weeks on crutches, and then six months from there of rehab with physical therapy,” Wilcox said.
“I get the cast off on Monday next week, and then I’ll have a boot for about two weeks, but then I should be able to start playing after that,” Wilson said.
Things will get better for Wilcox and Wilson, but they won’t be able to play for the next while.  Regardless, they’re making the best of what they can.
“If anyone has been injured, make sure you stay close to your friends, don’t just shut yourself off from everyone,” Wilson said