Insights on the Halloween Dance Getting Cancelled


Photo courtesy of Mikelle Dorman

A spooky response before the halloween dance was cancelled

Mateo Baeza, Bobcat Beat Staff

The 2020 Halloween dance was one that students were excited for, yet it has unfortunately been cancelled due to Covid-19. Many students are outraged about it, including the Bobcadettes who planned it.

“I’m kinda bummed out, but I’m also kinda happy because now I have a free Saturday,” Junior Trace Peterson said.

Students, like senior Alexa LaRue of the Bobcadettes, aren’t very happy with the final decision.

“I’m upset. I was really excited about it and we had a group together with costumes bought already,” LaRue said.

Public health officials decided there were too many active cases, and the dance was cancelled despite hard effort from the principal.

“Eastern Idaho Public health cancelled the dance. Even though the principal tried really hard to keep it, they said there were too many cases,” LaRue said.

Although the Halloween dance was cancelled, many students are deciding to keep their plans for the night anyway.

“Instead, we are going to have dinner. The whole Bobcadette team is going to come and we’re gonna have a halloween theme,” LaRue said.

Students are still planning on doing something fun even though the dance was cancelled. (Photo courtesy of Emily Dustin)