USDA Offering Free Meals to all Students

Hannah Burrell, Junior Editor

All over the country, the USDA has informed public schools that they are serving free meals to all students. Madison School District has been informed that students going to any Madison school will be able to get a breakfast and/or lunch meal for free. This is only for a limited time, starting from September 9th up until December 22nd or until the USDA runs out of funding. 

Students ranging from elementary school to high school, can get a free breakfast/lunch meal starting from today until December 22nd or unless the USDA says otherwise. Even students that are taking Madison’s Online program qualify as well. If you already have money on your account, the money will not be used up until the end date of December 22nd unless specified earlier by the USDA. If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to contact MHS. So come and grab a meal or two and take advantage of this fortunate opportunity given to you!