Just Another Day in 2020


Picture courtesy of Scott Carter

Another resident in Rexburg, Scott Carter posted a picture on Facebook of his shed and swing set destroyed in his backyard.

Last night after 35 MPH winds, many people’s power went out and caused quitea bit of damage. Rexburg residents and residents of surrounding areas suffered damage to their homes, sheds, trampolines, etc. 

“I’m sure the tree caused a couple thousands of dollars worth of damage. Because they have to tear the roof off of that side of the house,” Rexburg resident Art Morales said. 

Around 11:40 last night Morales heard a loud boom outside of his house. His dog, Kanyon started barking so Morales went outside to investigate. Morales said that no damage was done on the inside of the house but the roof has to be replaced. 

“The roofing guys, they have already been here, they took pictures and saw what they needed. They will be back in a day or two to do what they need to do,” Morales said. 

Tree fallen on Art Morales’s home. (Photo courtesy of Art Morales)

Marley McNair and Ryan Stutz, Juniors at MHS,  share how they felt after 55mph winds struck fear and caused damage to many in Rexburg Idaho.

“You know the power went out last night so I couldn’t really see outside, and when I woke up the next morning, I looked out at my backyard just covered with leaves and little branches, and big old trees,” Stutz said.

The wind got stronger and started to become dangerous. McNair had been driving and when she came home a surprise was waiting.

“I went to Idaho Falls and I was driving when it first started to happen and I don’t even have my license and then I got home and the minute I pulled into the driveway, I watched this tree tip, it was like leaning, and I thought it was kind of weird so I just went inside and you could hear it crash inside of my house and one of these two trees just fell over in my yard,” McNair said.

During this terrible wind storm McNair realized something bad could happen and that her house could potentially be in danger.

”It wasn’t a big deal cause it didn’t fall on our house, which is a good thing, but it definitely is scary,” McNair said.

McNair’s house remained undamaged, but the trees in her driveway did not. Others In the community suffered damages more dangerous

“We had one branch fall that was the size of our house, our neighbors had a big pile of branches,” Stutz said.