MHS Student reporter gets the DL from Govenor Little

 Governor Brad Little was invited to the teachers opening meeting today at Madison High School where Dr. Thomas inducted him into the Bobcat Hall of Fame and made him an honorary Bobcat. He was given a trophy as well as a Madison Football jersey with “Governor” printed on the back.

After speaking to the teachers and Administrators from the district, Bobcat Beat reporter Carter Stanford and student body president, Ryan Winfree got to ask him some questions from a student’s point of view.

“On the first day of school work hard and make good choices,” Little said, “life’s all about making choices. Every time you make a good choice it get’s easier to make a better choice. All these things to keep you safe are choices that we didn’t worry too much about before but have to worry about now. Making good choices everyday to be as prepared as you possibly can to be in class, so you maximize that investment that your parents, your community, your educators have made in you. That’s the right thing to do.”

One thing Stanford and Winfree wanted to know was when Stanford could throw his next party. Little wasn’t too optimistic on when Stanfords next party could be.

“The one thing about Covid19 is that it isn’t fair,” Little said, “the hospitality industry and the party industry is probably one of the most negatively  impacted industry there is.”

Little explained that if you are around an a-systematic person for more than 15 minutes especially if you are you are inside with poor circulation, the risk of spread is much higher.

“We are going to have to have lower numbers and higher immunity which is either a vaccine or herd immunity,” Little said.

Little commented that the hardest part of this coming school year will be weather or not students are safe to have in person classes or have to go back online.

Carter Stanford, Brad Little and Ryan Winfree pose for photos after an interview at MHS Thursday morning. (Kylie Jones)