QUARANTINE: What i’ve learned about myself

Jane Leatham, Reporter

Covid-19 has taken over everyones lives, everything that I was looking forward to has been cancelled. My junior prom is gone, my tennis season cancelled, and I haven’t been able to see my closest friends for a month. My Grandma’s cousin died from Covid and 3 of her other cousins are contaminated. I also know some family friends that have covid-19, an old couple that hasn’t recovered and a man in his 30’s who has recovered. This makes the virus so much more real and scary and i’m grateful for modern medicine and hope that they will be able to recover. 

Being quarantined is very frustrating when I want to see people and have my freedom back, I hate doing online school and I hate that it has been snowing and raining!!!

With this time stuck at my house with my family I have learned some great lessons and have taken the time to improve myself and the relationships I have with my siblings and parents. I do wish that I could’ve been able to finish my junior year but it has also been a unique and great experience! 

I have learned to take this time and to get something out of it, to enjoy being with my family instead of wishing I was with my friends, to read a book or go outside instead of being on my phone, to facetime or call my friends instead of texting or snapchatting. I’m grateful for this time to self reflect, but am excited to get back into my normal life.