Where Are The Kids?


Photo by Alex Rasmussen

Alex Rasmussen, Senior Editor

Lori Vallow appeared in court at 2:00 on Friday, March 6th, 2020. After the hearing, relatives of JJ and Tylee spoke in front of the courthouse to many well-known media outlets, as well as Bobcat Beat. Many wonder what it is like for Larry and Kay Woodcock, the grandparents of JJ and Tylee, to see Lori again. 

“It was a different feeling, I didn’t know whether to cry or to be happy. I felt sorry for Lori and I felt sorry for the children,” Larry said.

Larry and Kay were consistent in saying that Lori cannot hide forever, and that she must not be the center of attention.

“Sooner or later she will have to say something. She cannot continue to hide from this. The kids have rights too,” Larry said.

Photo by Alex Rasmussen

Throughout the address, Larry reiterated the importance of finding the children, and how the public must shift their focus from Lori.

“It’s not whether I like Lori, it’s not whether I like Chad. It’s about finding the children. I don’t care about what the judicial system does or doesn’t do with Lori,” Larry said.

Many noticed that Lori did not appear as if she had spent the previous night in prison. She was shown in makeup with combed-through hair. 

“Nothing surprised me in court pertaining to her in any way. [Although], I did not expect her to be wearing makeup. Anybody that knows Lori will tell you that she never looked bad. It’s never been her way. She was a beautiful woman,” Larry said.

Larry and Kay stress the importance of reuniting their family. They believe that justice will serve its course for Lori and Chad, and that the public and media must work together to find the children.

“This is not about Lori, it’s not even about Chad. The law will take care of them. The court system will take care of them. Right now, I only have one question: Where are the kids? Bring them home. JJ and Tylee need to be reunited. We want our family back together,” Larry said.