All The Single Ladies


Photo courtesy of Google Photos

Heart shaped suckers.

Love is in the air this February at Madison High School. But what about all the single people? This year instead of Valentines Day there are quite a few ladies who will be celebrating Galentines.

“Galentines is always such a party. It’s always a blast,” Senior Hailey Mortenson said.

Ladies have several things they like to do on this fun holiday. A tradition for a lot of them is to sit down and watch lots of chick flicks.

She’s the Man and Bride Wars are definitely a couple of my favorites. There’s just so many,” Junior Rebecca Hansen said.

Of course if there’s a movie on the screen there has to be some delicious treats to go with it. A lot of gal pals like to get together to make treats on this special occasion. Some of them are cake pops, brownies, sugar cookies and strawberries dipped in chocolate.

“At the moment I love Mcdonalds for some good food. I will eat anything really,” Hansen said.

Even though the single ladies don’t have a significant other on Valentines Day, they still have fun with all of their friends. This special holiday tells young women everywhere that you don’t need a man to feel important.

Valentines Day cookies.

“I always say fries before guys, and it’s fun to hangout with all my friends,” Junior Megan Gibbs said.