AdvancedArt/Independent Studies 


Photo by Emily Wilmore

Lizzy Gehmlich’s art work.

Emily Wilmore, Reporter

Photo by Emily Wilmore
Kassia Gully working on an art project.

MHS students in the third our advanced art class takes the class to fill electives.

“Taking art is therapeutic and helps me detoxify my brain form life,” senior Kassia Gulley said.

The advanced art class has under 20 people, and in the ceramics room there for students who do an independent study.

“I like advanced art because the classes are smaller and you get one on one time with Mr. Lauritsen. He also gives you more freedom on what your projects are,” Junior Lizzy Gehmlich.

For independent study in ceramics room the students are responsible for their projects and getting work done, they are graded on working and how many projects they produce.

I like taking the independent studies because there’s only four people so it’s easier to get stuff done without all the chaos of having a big class. It makes the environment way less chaotic,” Gulley said.