This Is Artistic


Photo by Jared Havens

Luke Dutson's mask.

Jared Havens, Reporter

Photo by Jared Havens
Brook Ballard’s mask.

As we all know art is quite the artful task. Art allows endless possibilities. You can literally let your imagination run wild. 

“My favorite thing is that there isn’t one specific way to do things, It’s not like math where there’s only one way to do it,” Sophomore Brook Ballard said.

Art is not only fun it can be incredibly hard, but when it’s hard is what challenges us to do even better. Things being hard is what pushes us to be more creative.

“I love how first period isn’t afraid to try anything. You are really creative. I can really see you giving it your all,” Teacher James Lauritzen said.

Art is not necessarily hard nor easy it can be both, one, or neither. There are really hard projects and, really easy projects.

“The hardest project I’ve had to do was the mask. My mask was supposed to be an Aztec looking thing, that was really messy. The hair was supposed to look like it was covered in dirt and mud,” Sophomore Luke Dutson said. 

There are good and bad things about art. Most of it’s good but not always.

“The worst thing about art is, you can’t always get it to look the way you want it to. I have an image of what I want it to look like in my head but can’t always put that so other people can see it,” Ballard said.