This is “Office”-ial Business 


Photo by Kailani DeGraw

The secretaries working hard to make sure everything is in order.

Kailani DeGraw, Reporter

Photo by Kailani DeGraw
Office aid Natalie Jensen, writing notes for students.

Every student dreads going to first hour due to lack of sleep and brain power. Seniors and some Juniors decided to not take a class at all, but some decide that they might as well get a credit and be an office aid.

“It was an easy class, so easy credit. It’s also really fun and I don’t have to do homework,” Sophmore Brianna Steiner.

Being an office aid isn’t all just kicks and giggles though. When dealing with school related stuff you have to be professional and get everything done.

“Some responsibilities are answering the phone, running notes, and being able to talk to people well,” Steiner said.

Other then the office aids in the office, we also have two secretaries that keep our school from falling into ruins. They keep everything organized and help all the students, staff, and parents with anything they need. 

“I order all the supplies for the school, and I have to take care of any of the sick kids that come down to the sick room. I have to get all the registration papers done. I also have to do all the bell schedules and put the bells in the computer system and make sure they are all right when we have assemblies, and whatnot. I do all the sports stuff, so I have to make copies of all the rosters, and I make the rosters, and I make the fliers of when the games are,” Secretary Lesa Jackson said.