Serious Senior Projects

Mariah Rigby, Reporter

Reesers first hour Government class is getting down to business. Project citizen presentations start in less than two weeks. Many of the students are getting stressed and nervous for the big day. 

“I’m kinda stressed, but I know that it’ll be over soon so that’ll be a relief,” Senior Hailey Mortensen said.”

Some people might argue that it isn’t a big deal, and to just wing it. Although that might sound fine for a last minute science project, that doesn’t work for this. There are so many different papers, interviews, sources and works cited pages. It takes a solid month to be prepared to present in front of everyone.  

“My group and I have worked so hard but I still don’t feel ready.” Mortensen said.

Seniors are so close to being done, and senioritis is sinking in. Second trimester is usually the worst when it comes to losing motivation. 

“It is hard to balance everything that is going on. Doing projects every Wednesday, current events every Friday, AND project citizen has been stressful and makes  it hard to stay motivated,” Senior Grace Bear said. 

Although it is hard, the seniors will be just fine and (most) of them will (hopefully) graduate. 

“If I don’t graduate because of project citizen I will have a mental breakdown,” Senior Emilee Cheney said.