Freedom in Mr. Norris’ Class

Carter Phillips , Reporter

Jaren Norris is a well liked teacher. This is because of some of the things he does. He doesn’t assign homework. Any homework ever. He gives you a worksheet that is not graded, and then quizzes you about it on Friday.

“This class is great because he doesn’t assign homework as long as we pay attention,” Sophomore Joseph Oliphant said.

This means you can just do problems until you get the idea, then leave the rest of the problems for never. Then on Friday, you can prove that even though you didn’t do all the problems, you still know the material.

Your whole assignment grade are the Friday quizzes. You can’t get marked down for not doing your work.

“I like how we don’t have homework, and how we do all our assignments in class. I like how we’re allowed to work in groups,” Sophomore Eden Williams said.