Preparation Station


Photo by Kailani DeGraw

MHS senior guys practicing for Mr. Madison.

Kailani DeGraw and Kylie Eggett

Photo by Kailani DeGraw
The boys posing at the end of their opening routine.

Students at MHS prepare for Mr. Madison to entertain the community. Mr. Madison is a “pageant” that our school puts on to make fun of Ms. Madison. The community, and the participants, all find enjoyment in it. 

“I love the audience’s reaction to Mr. Madison, and the contestants having fun with Mr. Madison. There’s such a need psychologically, I think, to have people put forth effort and create relationships, and to put on a show that’s just fun,” Teacher Mr. Snelgrove said.

Fun isn’t the only reason for participating in the candidates, according to the candidates. 

“I feel like I miss out on a lot of extracurricular activities, and so I thought why not do it since it’s my senior year?” Senior Carson Smith said.

The performance includes displays of the participants’ selected talents. The talents are sometimes done jokingly, but some people use this as an opportunity to showcase their talent seriously. 

“I’m going to be playing my cello. I’ll be playing the Black Prelude Suite in G major,” Senior Matthew Snelgrove said.