Fan Favorites Super Bowl Traditions


Photo by Jackie Esparza

Jared Havens and Emily Wilmore

Photo by Jackie Esparza
Food Jackie’s family eats on Super Bowl Sunday.

MHS students have many different traditions on Super Bowl Sunday.

“My favorite tradition for the Super Bowl is going to a family’s house and eating a lot of food,” Sophomore Jackie Espaza said.

The Super Bowl is synonymous with eating foods and family parties, many families makes meals they wouldn’t usually make for this occasion.

“My mother makes a really good bean dip for Super Bowl, she only makes it this time of year so it’s exciting to eat,” Senior Evelyn Heigner said.

The Super Bowl is an American tradition that brings people together and often makes the best memories.

“My favorite part about the Super Bowl is watching how heated up my mom gets she always so close to calling somebody and yelling about how stupid the refs are anytime they make a bad call in her opinion. It is hilarious,” Heiner said.