Seniors on Schedule


Photo courtesy of Paige Nelson

Photo pregame.

Emily Wilmore, Reporter

Photo of Heidi Dougherty hugging Ellie Allen before senior night.

Many seniors at MHS work and do sports. Which causes them to have a very tight schedule they have to prioritize and manage their time really well in order to get good grades. 

Senior Heidi Dougherty plays soccer on the MHS varsity team and it has 2 to 3 jobs year round. She is also taking many AP classes and government.

“I work at least twenty hour weeks, I also work out everyday to stay in shape for soccer, I’ve sacrificed my social life to get good grades. But with everything going on I still only get about 5 hours of sleep.” Senior Heidi Dougherty said.

Senior Paige Huntsman is a varsity cheerleader and just started a new job working at Crumbl. She also is taking senior classes like government and says that it’s very hard to keep good grades while working and doing extracurricular activities. 

 “It’s really hard, I have to plan out my schedule at least 1 week in advance so work, games, and practice don’t overlap,” senior Paige Huntsman said.

With many people having to be more self-reliant it doesn’t seem too much to ask for some teachers to be a little bit more lenient and give more time on homework for those who have a very busy schedule.


“My grades have taken a hit because of my busy schedule, I think teachers should take into account that we have other classes and stuff outside of school when they make hard assignments due the next day,” Dougherty said.