Cordero’s Crippling Knee Injury


Photo by Kailani DeGraw

The team huddles.

Emily Willmore, Reporter

Photo by Kailani DeGraw
Pre game huddle.

Senior Easton Cordero was hit in the leg causing injury to his knee at a MHS basketball game on January 3rd 2020.

“I went to dunk the ball, I was coming down and the blocker’s hip hit my knee sideways.” Senior Easto Cordero said.

Injury to the knee can be very painful. Easton injured either his MCL or ACL. If the injury is serious enough he will most likely have surgery.

“As of right now we’re not planning on surgery, we will see how it goes this next week. If it doesn’t get better I’ll get an MRI and take it from there,”

The MHS Basketball season is about halfway through leaving around 10 games until playoffs. 

“If I don’t need surgery best case scenario I take 3 weeks to heal then I’ll get to finish the last bit of the season,” Cordero said.

Cordero won’t be able to play for at least three weeks, but that won’t stop him from supporting the team.

“I will be at every game even if I’m not playing,” Cordero said.