To Park or Not to Park


Photo by Kylie Eggett

The MHS parking lot.

Kylie Eggett, Reporter

Seniors here at Madison are swamped with work, they have more work and pressure than the other grades. Isn’t it deserving if they could pay for senior parking, as a well deserved reward?

“They’ve been stuck here long enough, it’d be cool to decorate them, they kind of deserve it,” Sophomore Hannah Hansen said.

It could also be considered as a good way to remember their senior year, if the students were able to customize them. Personalizing the spot would really make it feel like their own, and make them more excited to come to school, Junior Breezy Bott said.

“I think it’s a great idea, it’s like a gift, to remember their last year of high school, hopefully,” Junior Brenlee Woodfield said.

It also isn’t just a matter of making it your own, it could prevent arguments, and the saving of parking spots, which is unfair, junior Jared Havens said.

“I would love to be able to customize my own parking spot and have a spot just for me.” Senior Alex Cook said.