Bobcat Pride

Breezy Bott, Reporter

Will the Shelley Russets or the Madison Bobcats take the win? The girls basketball team played at home at 7:30 November the 26. When the flag went up the game began to roll.

At the first quarter the cats were up 11 to 7. Shelley started to catch up six minutes into the first half. The student section had five rows filled up and the cheerleaders had great energy.
Number 15, Charlie Cook made a three pointer at the end of the first half. The score was now at 18 to 16 and the Cats were still winning. Maice Gordon, number 15, had made a three pointer as well.
With two minutes left in the third quarter the Madison Bobcats have more than doubled the score at 30 to 16.
Number 23 on the Russets had jammed her hand and was out for the rest of the game. At the fourth quarter the Bobcat players were standing on their feet cheering on their teammates. With the clock coming down to only a few seconds the ending score was 40 to 18. The Madison Bobcats defeated Shelley. 

“We worked very hard this week and we have been working as a team to do better over all and to not focus on our weaknesses. The team did very well tonight,” junior Blaire Gordon said.