Start Your Day WIth Hello!


Courtesy of Ellie Wolfe

Megan and Ellie meeting with Madison Cares about to start with hello.

Kailani DeGraw and Hilton Bates

On October 28th, our community had its annual “Start with Hello” week. This is a program that our school district hosts every year to spread awareness of social isolation and loneliness in children, youth and adults. It also encourages people to reach out, connect with people, and include everybody.

“The Start with Hello campaign teaches students, parents, and teachers how to reach out to those struggling with social isolation.” Junior Ellie Wolfe said

We had activities throughout the week:

On Tuesday, had cancer awareness activities during lunch. 

On Wednesday, we wore green because green is the color of mental awareness.

Thursday was Halloween.

Friday was no one eats alone day. 

Courtesy of Ellie Wolfe
Hell from Kennedy Elementary School.

“This week I will be helping organize groups of youth to go say hello to elementary schools. I’m looking forward to saying hello to the younger students.” Wolfe said.

The school district hosts this program in the hope that students will make an extra effort to seek out and help other students that feel alone to feel included.

“My greatest accomplishment is including others because I know what it feels like to be excluded. Start with Hello week is all about stopping acts of violence by promoting inclusion and friendship in school and in communities.” Wolfe said.