Rexburg Resident Injured in Officer-Involved Shooting


Photo by Anthony Kelley

222 West 2nd North, the address where the incident happened.

Tiffany King and Anthony Kelley

One adult male was injured in an officer involved shooting early in the morning of October 22 on West Second North. A Rexburg Police Department Officer responded to a domestic violence call involving a drunk man and his girlfriend. The woman was worried about both her and her boyfriend’s safety. Rexburg Police Chief Shane Turman held a news conference earlier this week to discuss the accident.

“The caller, who is visibly upset, then stated, ‘He didn’t hurt me, but it was getting to that point’,” Turman said. 

By the time the officer arrived on scene, the man had fled in his car. After a few minutes, the suspect came down the road, pointed straight at his girlfriend and the officer. As the car jumped the curb, the officer fired at the vehicle. One bullet hit the attacker in his left shoulder and another grazed his leg.

“At this time the officer feared for his safety and that of the callers, fired several rounds at the approaching vehicle…Those decisions have to be made in split seconds,” Turman said.

The Eastern Idaho Critical Incident Task Force is currently working on the investigation. They are expected to close the case within the next two weeks. The officer who fired the shots is currently on administrative leave due to protocol. 

“It’s defending your life and the lives of the people around you,” Turman said.