School Shootings, Now the Regular?


Photo by Zack Le.

Officer Boivie shows his taser

Michael Zenger, Addison Palmer, Zack Le, and Aislynn Klingler

School shootings in the United States have become more and more common in the past decade. While there is no exact reason, it has swept the nation, literally and figuratively. 

Students in schools today are very accustomed to procedures for what to do if there was an active shooter on campus and to having an on duty officer on campus.

“I have grandkids now and they will never know what’s it like to come to school and not have a police officer there, because you realize why I’m here right? I’m not here to stop fights, we’ve had 4 fights in all 8 years I’ve been here, I’m not here for traffic enforcement. I’m here for if there is a school shooter there is a gun in the building to go get there and stop it.” Officer Boivie states.

That is another problem with these suspected shooters, it can be anybody. There is no specific characteristics that contribute to a shooter.

“What is a suspected school shooter? That’s what I mean, there is no profile, because they have been as young as eight and as old as sixty five.There have been poor people there have been rich people, there have been bullied kids, there have kids that have never been bullied, there have been gay kids there have been straight kids, there have been women there have been boys. Unfortunately right now there is nothing you can do to profile and say, what’s a school shooter?” Boivie said. 

All students in school now no matter what age or where they come from know what a lockdown is, and know what precautions are for a possible shooter at school. 

“It doesn’t matter where you come from, every kid knows how to do a lockdown. Kindergarteners know, my grandson is in kindergarten and they did their first lockdown at their school this last week.”