Top 15 Homecoming Date Ideas


Photo by Brooke Parkinson

Hike Packsaddle Lake located in Tetonia, Idaho. The dirt path is surrounded by wildflowers and a grand view of the Tetons.

Brooke Parkinson, Reporter

Homecoming dance for Madison is Saturday, September 21! While the girls are sitting on edge waiting to get asked, the angsty teenage boys are having their moms write their posters. A majority of homecoming groups have been formed and dresses have been picked out, but what about the day date? Let’s get real, unless you’re working a job or your parents hand you down free money, you’re  pretty much broke. Rexburg’s options are limited, considering it’s a small town, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t have fun. Here are the top 15, cheap and non-awkward homecoming date ideas 


1- Idaho Falls zoo ( $7.50 per person )

2- Go hiking! (Packsaddle lake, R mountain, or Mesa Falls Nature Trail.)

Photo by Brooke Parkinson
Past the wood logs is a rope swing, perfect for jumping into the warm water. The lake provides enough space, so it never gets over crowded.

3- Mini Golfing and Bowling at FatCats( Golfing $4 and bowling $3.50) 

4- Tubing, paddle boarding, or swimming ( Warm Slough, Heise, and Rigby Lake) 

5- Escape room ( $12 per person ) 

6- Paint balling ( $10 per person )

7- Fishing 

8- Scavenger hunt 

9- East Idaho Aquarium ( $12 per person) 

10- Movie and Pizza cook off

11- Bob Ross paint along, or any type of craft!

12- Ghost Walk Idaho Falls 

13- Idaho Falls Chukars Game followed by a dinner 

14- Roller skating at Starlite Skating arena 

15- Water Volleyball, tennis, or anything sporty!