In Depth With the Kicker

Stockton Christensen, Reporter

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Jeffery Williams is the kicker for Madison’s Junior Varsity football team and he is going in depth about kicking.

“I’ve been kicking since I was in 5th grade,” Sophomore Jeffery Williams said.

Williams practices kicking all the time at BYUI’s football field and at football practice.

“I can kick a 50 yard field goal in practice,” Williams said. 

According to most players, performing in game is much harder than during practice.

“My farthest kick in a game was 35 yards,” Williams said. 

Williams took part of winning the game against Lake City by making all 5 of his field goals. The final score in the JV game was 12-35. 

“When you set up for a field goal you put the tee down 7 yards behind the ball and then take 3 steps back and 2 steps to the side,” Williams said.

Madisons JV play September 26 against Rigby at home. Come see our kicker in action!