FCCLA Goes to the Fair

Eliza Gleason, Reporter

The FCCLA club traveled to the Blackfoot Idaho State Fair on September 6 to get to know each other and attend educational seminars.

Teachers, Robin Eastin and Katelyn Hartley, who are currently the leaders of the FCCLA club, supervised the trip and enjoyed the amazing fun. Hartley encourages everyone to take part in FCCLA and their fantastic club.

“I want the school to know that FCCLA stands for ‘Family Career Community Leaders of America.’ It is a great organization to be a part of to gain leadership, public speaking, and hard working skills,” said Hartley.

Some ask, ‘How does a trip to the fair have anything to do with education? Isn’t it just for fun?’

“It is our opening activity, so it’s a great way to come and get to know everyone. There will be a couple of classes we are going to attend that correlate with FCCLA that will be really educational,” Hartley said.

Any students out there that are looking for something to belong to should join FCCLA. It prepares students for real life situations, and how to be a positive leader to lead for good.

“I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone, but also to eat great fair food!” Hartley said.

Photo By Eliza Gleason
Not only did the FCCLA members enjoy the rides, they also enjoyed the animals.
Photo By Eliza Gleason
Many friendships were formed throughout the trip.
Photo By Eliza Gleason
The animals are extremely eager to see the students.