Bloggin’ Around

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Bloggin’ Around

Kalaya Goodman, Reporter

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Madison High Schools Bobcat Beat students are creating their own blogs to provide personal, entertaining, and useful information for their fellow students to read and enjoy. 

Senior Anthony Kelley writes his blog about Hot Wheels cars. He has his own collection which consists of 219 cars. Kelley’s been collecting since January and has spent around $400 adding to his Hot Wheels collection. He knows his cars.

“So far I’ve just been posting stuff about my collection but I think I’ll get in more to like each individual Hot Wheel car,” Kelley said.

Sophomores Alanna Morales and Ariana Vega have teamed up together to work on their blog. They chose a more basic route for their blog and decided to just blog about their daily lives. 

“We kinda just did a day in our lives. So we just record what we do on the daily, like our daily routines and our classes and stuff,” Morales said.

Sophomore Jacob Torres chose to base his blog on humor. The concept of it is to make people eat gross foods. On his most recent blog post he went around the school, blindfolded students, and fed them bugs. His purpose is to make people laugh and just to have fun.

“We’re just going to do some food challenges, maybe have some fun along the way and do some stupid stuff,” Torres said.