Senior Photography Show


Emily Haslem, a senior photography at MHS.

Lyndie Hansen, Reporter

All the seniors have something they look forward to at the end of the year that shows all their hard work they put into school. For all of the sports the seniors have a senior night or something that contributes to them and the team. But photography they have a Senior Photo Show where they choose something that either inspires or means something them. They take 10 pictures throughout the whole year and then put them into a gallery so people can walk around and look at all their hard work, and it shows what they learn throughout their years of photography.

“I’m calling my pictures ‘Reality Re-Imagine’ so I just take different pictures that wouldn’t really be in the setting. I have a picture of my friend drinking a soda and the background is pink like the sky is pink and there’s white stars and then the ground is stripped. I took these pictures because it show my personality and who I am,” Senior Emily Haslem said.

Many photo students have fun ideas in their pictures that gives you an idea of who they are and what their personality is like. Just like Emily, Lizzy Woodruff has a cool idea about her senior photos as well.

“My show is love and it’s the different types of love so it’s not like a bunch of people kissing and holding hands. But it’s like mother’s love, puppy love, selfless love, so I had one of my friends dress up as a homeless person and another one of my friends was giving him money,” Woodruff said. “Ever since sophomore year your kind of thinking ‘this is what I want to do,’ and I have gone through so many different show ideas. But I choose that one because a lot of the different types of love I’ve seen in my life and I wanted to recreate it.” 

The photo show is a great way for the photographers to show personality and get an idea of if they want to become a professional photographer. They all hope the Photo Show will continue for the seniors because this is the only way the photographers can share their skills.

“I’m excited for everyone to see my pictures, but it’s really stressful. I think the Photo Show is a good way for everyone to see. It’s a fun class to be in and you learn a lot from it. I started taking photography my sophomore year and I would like to do photography on the side on the actual job I get.” Haslem said.

Our photography students are very skilled and have a lot to share with our school. For some it was just an extra class that they eventually fell in love with.

“I actually took the class as a extra class my sophomore year just to fill an hour but then I started liking it more and more so I took it junior year and now senior year. I like the Senior Photo Show because everyone else gets a senior night like the football players and with the Senior Photo Show it’s kind of like our senior night.” Senior Lizzy said.    

Lizzy Woodruff, a senior photographer at MHS.