It’s Endgame Now


Avengers: Endgame poster.

Alex Rasmussen, Reporter

Avenger’s: Endgame is the most anticipated Marvel movie so far. Within the first hour of the trailer posted online, it had over 289 million views, making it the second most viewed trailer of all time in the first 24 hours.

According to CNBC, Endgame has sold nearly twice as many tickets as Aquaman, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Avengers: Infinity War and Captain Marvel combined.

“Compared to other movies right now, it has already broken the record for most money made in the box office with pre-sale tickets alone,” Junior Matthew DeGraw said.

The biggest question that fans are asking right now how Marvel will bring back the characters that were lost during Infinity War.

“I’m most excited to find out how they all come back. The trailer has Tony Stark back on Earth with the gang and I’m wondering how that happened. It’s just the anticipation to see what will go down, and what the future will bring,” Mr. Chavez said.

The four trailers that have been released so far have revealed many secrets and spoilers about the upcoming movie.

“In the first trailer, we see what is actually going on; it blew me away. We see the struggle of how Iron Man is trying to contact Pepper. We also see Hawkeye, he has a red glow on him. I think it’s Ultron,” DeGraw said.

There have been good and bad feelings with all the movies leading up to Endgame.

“I think they came back; they made some mistakes with Thor but they revamped that one. I still haven’t seen Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and I haven’t heard good things about that either. With everything else, I think the story is connecting really good,” Mr. Chavez said.  

The whole Marvel franchise has led up to this movie, it is the ending that many fans are looking forward to.

“The first 21 movies have led up to this moment, it’s the moment we have all been waiting for,” DeGraw said.

Junior Matthew DeGraw claims to be the biggest Marvel fans at MHS.