The Special Number


Brittany Maldonado by herself taking pictures before the party.

Brian Cabanillas, Ozzie Labra, Raymundo Charqueno, Reporter

Turning 15 in the Hispanic culture is a big deal for many Hispanics. It is a transition from a girl to a woman that involves a mass and a party that lasts all day.

There is a big dance that chambelans and damas do.

“We practice for about 4 months everyday of the week but Sunday. For the dance we learn the routine and practice for about 4 hours a day,” Sophomore Ozzy Labra said.

One of the biggest parts of it is the dance with the chambelanes. This dance is practiced a lot because its the center of attention at the party but it can be fun with the right people.

“Even though the dance is a serious part that many look at, it’s fun because you get to have fun with friends and I’d do it again,” Junior Luis Gonzalez said.

Then for the main point, the Quinceanera is the most important person that day.

“A Quinceanera is a girls coming of age when they turn 15, your first date is technically the main chambelan, you have lots of ceremonies you get a doll which is your last doll. You also get a ring which you keep until a man comes along and replaces it for an engagement ring. There’s a shoe ceremony where you where flats until your father comes and changes them for heels and then after you party,” Senior Brittany Maldonado said.

Brittany Maldonado with her chambelan before her party.