Pack Your Bags, We Are Going To State!


Bobcat Beat Staff

The Season So Far

While the basketball season might not be over quite yet, it’s been a pretty great year for the Bobcats. Lots of hard work, practice, and dedication from the boys on the basketball team have led to a successful season so far, which has propelled the Madison Bobcats into the state tournament.

“The season’s been pretty good so far, we’re 21-3.” said Senior Spencer Hathaway. “We went through kind of a rough stretch at the beginning of the year, but I think that was good for us because it helped us realize that we’re not invincible and we can lose.”

And even with a few losses, the basketball season has had its fair share of high points.

“I think the highlight of our season so far was probably our first home game against Rigby. It was packed, a close game, it was just fun.”

And with the state tournament just around the corner, excitement for our basketball team is at its peak.

“It feels pretty good, and it definitely hasn’t been easy, it’s been a lot of hard work and dedication, but it’s paying off right now,” Senior Jaden Schwab said .

Boys State Ford Center

Every year the State tournament is held at the Ford Idaho Center in Boise, Idaho. The tournament is called the 2019 Real Dairy Shootout. It is a super fun experience to go! Here are what students said their favorite part of going to the Ford Stadium is.

“It’s fun hearing the student section get pumped after a good play. I like the atmosphere and how loud it gets,” Sophomore Ethan Clark said.

Ellie Woolf


If you have ever been to a state game you know how intense and loud it gets, especially at the very end.  

“My favorite part is watching all of the championship games on Saturday, and watching them all celebrate,” Sophomore Taden King said .

Tyler Jones

While watching the final basketball games are fun, one of the most memorable experiences of the stadium is getting the free complimentary food items.

“My favorite part is getting all the free chocolate milk. It’s so good and I drink like 12 bottles every time i go,”  Junior Ceigan Sutton said.

Students at State

Madison High School is known for performing well, whether it be sports, debate, or other competitions. But no sport is more celebrated for going to state than basketball. For years, students have skipped school to travel and support our team in Boise. Most students make a fun trip out of it.

“The last 3 years I’ve gone down and watched. It’s sponsored by the Dairymen of Idaho, so they give out free chocolate milk at all the games.” Sophomore Carter Stanford said. “It’s really packed in there, we always have WAY more people in the Madison Spirit section than the Boise teams do”

Not all of the students get to go or want to go.

“I won’t be attending state basketball this year. I never have been, although I would like to … If it was closer I would probably go. If I could afford to go, I definitely would.” Sophomore Zabree Clark said.

Nevertheless, if you do get a chance to go, take it! Students glow with enthusiasm for state, and it’s contagious.

“I’ve never been, but I feel like you’ve got to go once, it’s really good way for students to show school spirit!” Senior Lizzy Woodruff said .

Student Section

A lot of students went to the boys state basketball tournament last year and joined together in being a part of the student section. As a student section, all the students wore the same color for each game to show school spirit.

“Every game we change the color, depending on the day we’ll wear red, white or grey. You usually don’t stand in the student section unless you’re wearing the right color.” Senior Tianna Orr said.

Madison High School students do a great job of supporting our sports teams. They join together doing cheers to keep the players hyped up.

“They start off pretty quiet, but as the game goes on and it gets more intense, the cheering gets louder and louder.” Senior Ember Geiser said.

The student section grows as you get older. A lot of seniors say it has gotten a lot more exciting since sophomore year.

“When you get older it just gets louder and more exciting.” Senior Tianna Orr said.