A Happy Farewell


Mr. Orr cleaning up after lunch. Photo Credit: Emily Tracy

Emily Tracy, Reporter

The man that keeps our school running is retiring after 24 years. Mr. Orr comes every morning to the high school before seven to make sure that the sidewalks are shoveled and that the parking lot is all clean.

“I get here at the school just a little before seven and I leave just before 3,” Mr. Orr said. “I have plenty of jobs. I change the light bulbs and I sweep and just the normal stuff.”

With all these new renovations to the school Mr. Orr is ready to be done, but even though he is retiring he won’t stop working. He owns three greenhouses here in Rexburg and is excited to be able to spend more time doing the things he loves.

“I run three greenhouses that I run. I plan on devoting my time raising plants,” Mr. Orr said. “I am too old to have two jobs. I just turned 63, and I’ll be 64 when I retire. It is time.”  

Many of the kids and staff appreciate Mr. Orr and are sad to see him go.

“I really appreciate Mr. Orr. I always see him cleaning up after us and I feel bad. I’m glad he’s retiring and doing what he loves,” Senior Paige Ririe said.