What Do You Want for Christmas?

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What Do You Want for Christmas?

Brianna Erikson, Reporter

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Around this time of year, kids are making their Christmas lists to send off to Santa in the North Pole.

We asked some of the students from our school what they want for Christmas this year.

Chase 16: Fishing stuff or weights

Savannah 18: Clothes

Kailani 15: A good book and a cozy blanket

Macy 16: A boyfriend

Danielle 17: Stereo

Cameron 16: remote control airplane

Mady 16: Horse boots

Nate 17: Flip flops

Breezy 16: Boxing bag

Lydia 15: Volkswagen Bug, yellow Vans, calligraphy pens

Kaylie 15: Laptop

Jimena 17: Makeup

Jason 42: Guided Fishing Trip