Radio Stations Ban Classic Christmas Song

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Radio Stations Ban Classic Christmas Song

Oaklee Barney, Reporter

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Recently, radio stations have been banning the Christmas song, “Baby it’s Cold Outside” from being put on air. Starting with Star 102 radio station in Cleveland, Ohio, more and more stations have been following the trend.

Senior Camryn Burrell absolutely loves the song.

“I think it’s so dumb the song is being banned. It’s always been one of my favorite Christmas songs,” Burrell said.

Over the years, the song’s original tone has changed from flirtatious to creepy, causing listeners to complain to the radio station.

“I think people today are taking the song way too seriously. It’s one of my favorite songs and I hope that they’ll bring it back,” Senior Ember Geiser said.

While there are varying opinions on the song, both sides seem to agree that whether or not the lyrics are creepy, a song is just a song.

“I think people are being too sensitive. Like yeah, the song is kinda creepy, but they didn’t have to go so far as to ban it,” Senior Cambree Ivie said. “It’s a classic Christmas song.”