The Hunter’s Passion

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The Hunter’s Passion

Madison Remington, reporter

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Madison Senior tells what she enjoys about hunting

For some hunting isn’t just a sport; it’s a lifestyle. For Kaylee Ziegler hunting is a sport and a way to provide a fun time. For Senior Kaylee Ziegler, hunting is a sport that can be enjoyed by everyone.

“My family has always been big into hunting, I took hunters ed as soon as I could. The legal age is 12 so I jumped onto that right away. The first animal i ever shot was a 2 point muley  buck that I shot in salmon at my uncle’s ranch. I only shot that buck because it was the first buck I saw that year so I took it.” Ziegler said

Some people don’t take hunting as serious as it might need to be, but Ziegler takes every minute very serious deal.

“My grandpa, my dad and my uncles all taught me how to hunt, shoot and field dress an animal. I have shot deer, elk, rabbits, rock chucks and ducks. I want to get my archery license so I can hunt with a bow. I always try to make the most ethical shot that I can. I’m not too keen on watching an animal suffer if I don’t get it the first time I take a shot.” Ziegler said.

Family traditions are a part of hunting, especially in Ziegler’s life.  

“This year I have a general season deer tag and cow elk tag for Salmon. I love the sport and I always will. Hunting has been in my family for generations and I plan to keep the trend going through my kids and their kid,”  Ziegler said.