For or Against Valentines?

Dallin Tew

For some, at MHS, Valentine’s day is a celebration of love and affection. Are you for or against Valentine’s day?

“I think it is a very nice holiday because we get to show our appreciation for women, if you’re a guy, which I am. It’s just nice to show our appreciation because they deserve it. If there is a special woman I will buy her something but if not I bring a bag of kisses and share my appreciation with all of them,” Sophomore Quinn Miller said.

Senior Luke Richards is against Valentine’s day for one main reason.

“I really like women but women don’t seem to like me very much, so sometimes it makes me mad because all of these guys are getting really attractive women and I’m over here like ‘dang it,’” Richards said.

Junior Jessica Barzee is for Valentine’s day and the celebration of it.

“It’s kind of annoying in high school when everyone with their giant teddy bears come into class and it’s like ‘I’m all alone.’ At the same time it’s a celebration of good and happy things and the person you love. So you get to celebrate the person you love and that’s cool,” Barzee said.