Tin Foil Hats


Dallin Tew

Some students at MHS are afraid of government and alien brainwashing. They have started to wear tin foil hats to prevent that from happening.

“We are getting brainwashed. We know it and we know how to save ourselves. We are wearing tin foil hats to save our souls, and our minds. It is not a cult. This is simply that we know the facts and we know how to prevent the facts, thus we do it,” Junior Michael Pulsipher said.

What, and who, started this fad of wearing the tin foil hats?

“Me, and Michael Pulsipher, had a realization that we are all being brainwashed. We decided to wear these tin foil hats for 2 main reasons. Firstly, we are just afraid in general of brainwashing, and we think that the school might be hosting a lot of brainwashing problems. Secondly, the alien invasion that is inevitably going to happen,” Junior Carter Allen said.

They have already gotten other students to begin wearing the hats.

“You never know when they are coming, so you have to wear the hats 24/7. You could be getting brainwashed right now and you wouldn’t know. I don’t want to be brainwashed,” Junior Katrina Toll said.

Carter Allen, and Michael Pulsipher, believe that the aliens can attack at any time, but they are ready.

“We want to divert their satellite, and director, rays so that they won’t know how many people are actually in the school. They will underestimate our numbers, when they come to attack, and we can destroy them. Join the rebellion,” Allen said.