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Madison’s Girls Triumph over Highland

Roxy McCombs, Sports Writer

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The Madison Bobcats beat the Highland Rams 51-48. The Bobcats played at home on January 4 and were eager to get the win. Both teams showed a lot of talent and perseverance causing the game to be a close one.

Players Brielle Hammond, Hannah Wilson, Savannah Dick, Bethany Dow, and Mykilee Duffin were Madison’s Starters. Highland got the first shot off but Madison quickly came back in with a strong offense. They scored a total of ten points in the first quarter, five of which Brielle Hammond made. Bethany Dow also made an incredible block against one of Highlands players.

The girls played well but the second quarter really revealed how much they were holding back. Madison played stronger and stronger as the game went on. Highland earned several fouls with their aggressive attitude. Wilson got fouled on a shot and made the extra shot. Highland’s rough playing resulted in many throws for Madison. With only a couple minutes left before halftime, Duffin came in quick with a reverse layup. The crowd went wild with the unexpected play.

The Bobcats were up 26-17.  Then Highland scored six points in a row at the top of the third quarter. They were coming back strong and the crowd could sense Madison’s attitude change. The girls tightened up and worked together very well. They were matching Highland’s skills. Towards the end of the third quarter, the girls were all throwing and hitting the ball away from the opposing team, it almost looked like a volleyball game. Wilson got another and one play with a minute on the clock. Madison was up 32-28 at the end of the third but the whole gym could feel the tension.

Dow scored to start the fourth quarter, and immediately Highland’s desperation to catch up could be felt. Highland’s coach called several timeouts in the fourth quarter. Savannah Dick scored a two-pointer fast break soon after a timeout. Highland continued to foul which gave the Bobcats more points. Highland was down the whole game. “I think we did well,” said Kayeli Wasden “we saw the court well tonight.”

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Madison’s Girls Triumph over Highland