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Mr. President, may I ask you a question?

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Story by: Eron Powell

Three youtubers were invited to the White House following the State of the Union Address to ask the President questions from the American people. Those invited included Ingrid Nilsen, Adande Thorne aka Swoozie, and Destin Sandlin.

Everyone in the country had the opportunity to raise a question they think should be asked. We were wondering what would Madison ask if we had the chance, and we also threw in some 2016 Candidates to see where Madison stands on possible future presidents.

“In his state of the union address, he promised the middle class, well, middle-aged people watching, that they will be covered with social security once they retire,” said Senior Natalie Tanner about President Obama. “My one question to him would be, how would that affect the young people who would be paying the longest for that?”

“Did he enjoy the presidency?” said Senior Parker Davis

“What would be his favorite part of being president?” said Senior Omar Orozco

“Why, if congress or the people who he’s supposed to listen to, if he doesn’t like what direct him, he just pulls the ‘I’m the president of the United States’ thing and does whatever he wants?” said Librarian Kristi Thompson

Now on to what Madison thought about Donald Trump, the front runner for the Republican ticket by far, polling 15 points ahead of the next runner up Ted Cruz in most polls and averaging 35% nationally according to Real Clear Politics.

“How is treating the latino and muslim population group.. how is that any different than the red scare and all the trials went through in the fifties,” said Senior Natalie Tanner

“Is he really going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it?” said Senior Parker Davis

“If he really knows what he’s going to be doing?” said Senior Omar Orozco

“Why are you so mean? He is mean!” said Librarian Kristi Thompson referring to the fact that Trump has made several offensive remarks during his campaign.

Turning to the other side, what do people think about the democratic candidates? Out of the three Democratic nominees, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are nearly neck and neck in Iowa, the first caucus of the year.

“What are you going to do to make both genders equal in the sight of the law?” said Senior Natalie Tanner about Bernie Sanders

“Are you crazy?” said Senior Parker Davis referring to Hillary Clinton.

“Is he happy?” said Senior Omar Orozco, to Bernie Sanders he would ask “What made you want to run for president?”

“Why she thinks she would want to continue president Obama’s ideas because look where that got us.” said Librarian Kristi Thompson on Hillary Clinton

With 2016 being the presidential election year, America will see an increase in campaign advertisements, political rhetoric, and voiced opinions. In this political atmosphere we must be careful to find the truth and vote non-partisanly but for the person we think would be the best for the job.


Making America Great Again, Trumps Road to Recovery

by: Halle Newhouse

The arrogant front runner of this year’s election, tries to lead voters his way as the 2016 election continues. Donald J. Trump is known for being outspoken and dangerously honest. For someone who’s not afraid to speak his mind, he isn’t the slightest bit concerned about what the media says about him..

Trump has a way with words but not always in the best way, and in every campaign or press conference we’ve noticed his language to be a bit inappropriate. He makes some fair points but doesn’t speak them as well as he should. Mocking the other candidates in childish ways is not how we want to see our future president.

The nation needs a leader to stand up for the people. Although his speech is unsatisfactory, he does provide something other candidates seem to lack. Trump speaks his mind and he does not “sugar-coat” things, he just tells it how it is. The first step in solving a problem is admitting that there is one and show the willingness to make a change. No one wants to hear the bad situations that are going on: they want to hide it from the people. However, Donald Trump absolutely does not.

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Mr. President, may I ask you a question?