Is Valentines for Guys, too?

By: Gabi Carter & Kim Stager

Pink and red are colors associated with Valentine’s Day, along with roses and candy as gifts to give. Some guys are content single, but they might want someone for Valentine’s.

Junior Dannielle Weaver says that a boy’s opinion varies. Weaver believes that some boys are sweet on Valentine’s day, when others feel liked it’s an obligation. Valentines can be a happy holiday where people celebrate it with someone close, but not everyone gets that opportunity.

“I think it would make them (boys) kind of sad, but I think they just joke about it so, that it’s like oh I really don’t care…but I think deep down they’re like ahh I wish I had somebody.” Weaver said.

Junior Dillan Egbert thinks that Valentine’s Day is a holiday for people to spread love. Egbert believes that in high school, Valentine’s Day isn’t an important holiday.

“I would say Valentine’s Day can be important, but I mean in high school it’s not the most important because no one is married, you don’t have anyone you really have to please.” Egbert said

For Sophomore Karson Hastings, Valentine’s Day can be an annoying holiday. Hastings believes it’s a personal perspective holiday, whether you have someone special or you don’t.

“I mean yeah it’s fun to have a valentine, but most of the time it’s hard finding one. If you like someone, it can be hard if they’re not your valentine, but if you don’t like someone, it’s something you don’t need to worry about,” Hastings said.

Senior Logan Garcia sees Valentine’s day as an optional holiday. Garcia knows that couples see it as an important holiday, but some single guys don’t consider it special.

“In my opinion, Valentine’s day is just a normal day.” Garcia said.

Jon hunt treating himself on Valentine's Day. Photo by Gabi Carter
Jon hunt treating himself on Valentine’s Day. Photo by Gabi Carter