Fake News: Is it real or….


By Allison Lundin and Foster Jensen

Recent events have shown multiple controversies considering accusations of “fake news.” Fake news is information presented as news that is false but when presented it comes across as believable information.

“So apparently there was some false news going around about Trump especially on Buzzfeed and CNN and he called them out on it and said that they were fake news and there’s actually a lot of people who won’t take news from CNN or Buzzfeed because they’re supposedly fake” Junior Anna Shirley said.

President Trump posted a tweet about the fake news on Jan 28, 2017.



“I think Trump is in the wrong mainly because you can’t go out and say that something is fake when you have so much influence on other people. Now that CNN won’t be taken as an actual information source, that means that he is damaging an entire company,” Shirley said.

Along with Shirley, others at Madison feel that the public will now be missing out on important news because of Trump’s refusal to talk to some media. There is worry that all news published will be what Trump wants and not necessarily both sides of what happens.

Others believe that information could be faulty from nearly any source. The best way to verify the credibility of information is to compare the information given from both sides.

“I think often times the news is rigged against him. Like if you look back to before the election, all of them were saying there was no chance of him winning the election, and they were wrong. So I think that’s fake news,” Senior Randy Ball said.