Keeping Up with the Bobcats

by: Hannah Brewer and Sara Thurgood

With 1147 students and 77 teachers and administrators at MHS, there are 1224 unique stories that make people who they are and give them the personality and skills they possess.

Sophomore Carter Allen lived in Egypt and while his parents were in the pyramids and because he was too young to go inside, he stayed outside with his grandpa. After a little while, his grandpa had to use the restroom, but because the pyramids have NO BATHROOM, Allen and his grandpa dug a hole for him to be able to go about his business.

“My grandpa had me dig a hole so then he could go to the bathroom RIGHT NEXT to the pyramid.” Allen said.

Needless to say, Allen definitely will not be one to take indoor plumbing for

All stories are not the same. While some may be experiences that are unforgettable, others may just be straight up painful and distorted.

Junior McKenzie Remington had a story relatable to this. After surgery on her foot, she went back to gymnastics. The first day back to gymnastics, she broke her arm.

“My arm looked exactly like the arm on the Harry Potter movies.” Remington said.

Instead of heading to the doctor as a first thought, her dad just put her arm back together. And even though he can’t hear very well, he could still hear the pop that the bones made as they came back together.

Everyone knows that when you fall in love with something like a sport or an activity, you create a passion for it. Sophomore Kyle Jackson fell in love with basketball at a very young age. He started working on things that he could do in games with his dad in the church gym across the street from his house. When he was younger, he and his league team played a team called the Aggies down in Utah, and they were a team that always presented a challenge. When he’s not working hard to get the win playing basketball on the school’s JV team, he’s watching his favorite NBA team, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

While she may still be Miss Cook to some, Mrs. NyKamp, a teacher at MHS, had a life-changing event happen to her last spring: her wedding. She got engaged last January and then planned her wedding during the school district’s spring break.

“I think if I got to do it over again, I might consider doing it in the summer,” NyKamp said.

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