Inspire your Heart with Art

MHS participate in ‘Inspire your Heart with Art’ Day

by Hannah Brewer and Madison Burrell

Jan 31 is national Inspire your Heart with Art day. Art is something that has made an impact on many people’s lives. It can change people’s views on the world and everything around them. Some people don’t even know they have the gift until someone pushes them and shows them their potential.

“I was never interested in art until I took encore. The very first day we were just sketching and stuff and Mr. Lauritsen told me that I was really good. So he’s kind of always like pushed me and made me better,” Senior Olivia Hirrlinger said.

Art can be done in many forms. But it’s a way to do things and show what’s important to you in your life. Art is a way of expressing yourself and showing who you are.

“I do a lot of pottery. I like to do stuff that like is important to me and kind of has some meaning. I mean I’ll paint or draw something just for fun but I don’t know I think the big pieces I do have to deal with like concepts or how I’m feeling. So they actually have some depth and I think you can tell that in art,” Senior Marshall Briggs said.

Senior Marshall Briggs works on his art skills Courtesy Photo

Teachers and other individuals can play a huge roll in wanting to do art and inspiring people to want to do art and other things. Sometimes the student becomes the teacher.

“I was inspired probably in High School. I started to take art. I didn’t know if I had an ability or not but I liked my teacher. He inspired me, and that is what made me want to continue,” teacher Mr. Lauritsen said.